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About Us

As founders of the Methow Valley Wellness Center, Michael and Sierra have been business owners in the valley for over 25 years.


They first envisioned a combined wellness center & resort soon after they met in 1991. 

Sierra & Michael, Founders of Methow Valley's Sunflower Resort
The construction process of Sunflower Resort
Building Sunflower Resort in Winthrop
Sierra and Michael in the Methow Valley Wellness Center... just steps from Sunflower Resort!

Sierra had just finished naturopathic medical school when Michael and she moved to Winthrop in 1997.  Sierra started practicing holistic medicine right away.  Now the Methow Valley Wellness Center is the healthcare practice of longest tenure in this 70-mile-long valley.


Over three decades, Michael built many houses, studios, and garages, a boutique hotel, the Wellness Center itself, a tree house, and a custom yurt. He has always enjoyed consulting and advising novice builders and do-it-your-selfers in their quests to self-build a home here in the Valley.


Michael and Sierra's skills melded and their vision came to life first with the construction of the present Methow Valley Wellness Center and then the Sunflower Resort. Both love the satisfaction of working together on big projects that provide an entrepreneurial challenge.

"We are glad to have manifested this dream to have a place where people relax, heal from health challenges, recover from life's stresses, and enjoy family and friends. We are always happy to help guide you towards our favorite spots in the expansive and beautiful Methow Valley, as well as direct you towards a health, or esthetic experience at the on-site Wellness Center."

While at the Sunflower Resort, Michael and Sierra, want you to be at ease, comfortable, and happy to set aside your busy life pace to enjoy the valley's wonderful offerings. Their wish is for you to have things be simpler while you are here.


They hope you enjoy these modern quiet, dog-friendly, in-town homes that are close to the launch point for all outdoor activities-mountain biking, trail running, ice hockey, Nordic and downhill skiing, alpine hiking, golfing, river floating, and more.  

Sunflower Resort is just a 10-minute walk to  Winthrop's historic downtown. If you've brought older children, they love to walk across the pedestrian-only suspension bridge, to the town Sweet Shoppe. Consider using the time to cook a fine dish in our well-stocked kitchen or to relax on your home's private back deck.


While you are with with us, you might want to attend a yoga or other movement class, in our beautiful facility just steps away from your home.  Perhaps schedule your first-ever facial, massage, pedicure, manicure, or acupuncture treatment.  Also consider any offerings from our team of 25-year veteran healing arts practitioners of counseling, naturopathy, acupuncture, and mindfulness counseling. 


Above all, enjoy your stay!   

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